Key Findings

2024 Data
Streaming Report

Breaking Down the Barriers to Business
Agility & Innovation

Discover the top trends and tactics IT leaders are leveraging to drive transformation and innovation with data streaming.


In the quest to maximize data’s full potential effortlessly, access to real-time, reliable, and reusable data is paramount. Our global survey of 4,110 IT leaders underscores the pivotal role data streaming plays in helping businesses drive this effort and create significant business impact along the way. Join us as we delve into how data streaming has become the backbone of transformative strategies shaping industries worldwide.

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Executive Summary

In a world where doing more with less has become the norm, data streaming continues to prove value by driving significant return on investment and delivering wide-ranging benefits for more businesses—across industries and use cases.

In the third installment of our data streaming report, we tap into insights from 4,110 IT leaders on the current state of data streaming adoption, the myriad benefits they reap, and the challenges they face. We also zoom in on how data streaming platforms play a pivotal role in driving AI adoption, powering trustworthy use and reuse of data, and combatting some of the biggest data challenges.

Why wait? Dive in to learn how IT leaders are harnessing the power of data streaming to shape the businesses of tomorrow.

Key Findings

Data Streaming Maturity Curve

Based on our observations, the typical data streaming journey for an organization starts with evaluation or pre-production activity (Level 1) and matures up a curve, ending with data streaming broadly embedded across the enterprise (Level 5).

Maturity curve
Exploration & Learning
Early Adoption
Critical Silos
Foundational Integration

Level 1

Experiments in pre-production

Level 2

Projects identified and deployed for noncritical application

Level 3

Deployments in production for 
 a few critical systems with data and usage siloed across teams

Level 4

Several deployments in production for critical systems with data reuse and integrations across business units and a common operating model established

Level 5

Data streaming is a strategic enabler with all qualities of Level 4, plus streams managed as a product

What Tech Leaders Are Saying

"Data streaming technology has become a key enabler of innovation, driving real-time experiences for our 100 million customers today, including more personalization and fraud mitigation. You can think about the volume of the transactions that are going through - streaming billions of transactions daily… Confluent [helps in] solving for many of those use cases."

Nisha Paliwal, Capital One
Nisha Paliwal
Managing Vice President of Enterprise Data Technology
Capital One

“Data streaming is crucial to driving digital transformation at L'Oréal, which in turn helps us increase agility to meet our consumers’ rapidly changing needs for innovation and personalization. In a world where we envision having data at our fingertips, data streaming helps set our data in motion by facilitating real-time data flows between our systems and applications.”

Sindhu Prasanna, L'Oréal
Sindhu Prasanna
Event-Driven Architecture Lead

“Like a lot of high-performing orgs, NASA is constantly reevaluating its tech stack. A self-organized Kafka community of practice emerged among teams managing around 15 different projects. Our engineers and architects were all sharing the struggles and lessons learned from adopting data streaming in their missions. We knew real-time streaming was something we needed to invest in and quickly started looking into bringing Confluent Cloud on as an enterprise service so we could offer it more broadly across the organization.”

Joe Foster, NASA
Joe Foster
Cloud Computing Program Manager

“Everything we do is in real time because batch processing is an old way of thinking. The longer your data waits, the less value it has. So, as data comes through, you need to be able to act on it, or enrich it quickly. Confluent enables this for us.”

Customer Raja Rai
Rajay Rai
Chief Information Officer
Trust Bank

”Data streaming helps us power key use cases—including real-time data warehousing for real-time analytics and adaptive bitrate streaming—where we can use real-time data to make timely decisions and deliver better experiences for our users. Ultimately, it makes us more profitable, so data streaming is extremely critical to our business and has a huge impact.”

Babak Bashiri
Director of Data Engineering, Vimeo

“At Allianz, we are modernizing our core insurance system by replacing legacy technologies and migrating over 75% of our applications into the cloud. Data streaming plays a crucial role in this modernization process. A data streaming platform like Confluent allows Allianz to quickly react, respond, and adapt to ever-changing data in real time, which is key to driving exceptional customer experience, competitive differentiation, and revenue growth.”

Bruno Fontoura Costa, Allianz Technology
Bruno Fontoura Costa
Head of Global Integration Services and Architecture
Allianz Technology



The pool of respondents spans 12 different countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.


Survey respondents hold various strategic and leadership positions, including C-suite, directors, vice-presidents, managers, senior contributors, and senior consultants, in companies with 500 or more employees.


Respondents represent a variety of industries, including technology, financial services, government/public sector, manufacturing, healthcare, media/entertainment, non-profit, professional services, research/education, retail, transportation/logistics, travel/hospitality, and utilities/telecom.

Research by Freeform Dynamics and Radma Research including responses from 4,110 IT leaders familiar with data streaming, varying from little to significant experience.